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New York City Mosque To Move To…New York City

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I refuse to call it the Ground Zero mosque because, well, it’s not at Ground Zero. It’s close, but it’s not at the site…which I think most people who opposed it think it is. But here’s the thing…looks like it’s moving to another part of the city. From Haaretz: After weeks of heated debate over […]

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Right Wingers Pick Their 25 Worst Political Figures

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We here at Donklephant want to make sure you know that we’re laughing at you, not with you… 23) Saul Alinsky (7) 23) Bill Clinton (7) 23) Hillary Clinton (7) 19) Michael Moore (7) 19) George Soros (8) 19) Alger Hiss (8) 19) Al Sharpton (8) 13) Al Gore (9) 13) Noam Chomsky (9) 13) […]

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Democrats maneuver into position for 2010 midterm battle…

By mw | Related entries in Democrats, Left, Liberalism, Obama, Partisan Hacks

Democrats maneuver into position for 2010 midterm battle by cleverly adopting a circular firing squad formation. READY… AIM… FIRE.

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Limbaugh Suggests Oil Spill Caused By Environmentalists?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Palin, Partisan Hacks

Hey, if he’s right, shame on them. Well, more than shame on them. They should spend their lives in prison for all of the destruction they’ve caused. But for some reason…I don’t think folks who have spent their lives defending the environment would deliberately cause one of the worst environmental disasters in our lifetime just […]

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Glenn Beck: God Is Giving Me A Plan

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It’s official…he’s turning into a cult leader. And no, I’m not kidding. He’s turning politics isn’t a religious movement. Listen to the ENTIRE audio clip down here or read the partial transcript I provided below. It’s scary how much he’s mixing the intentions of the Founders with those of God. And here’s a partial transcript… […]

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Victoria Jackson + Fox News = Instant Hilarity

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You’ll remember Victoria from Saturday Night Live fame and the fact that she thinks Obama is the anti-christ. Cue hilarity… Yes, Glenn Beck has taught Victoria Jackson well. And that’s all that really needs to be said… Tweet

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Conservatives Peg Sean Hannity In Military Charity Scandal

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Conservatives, Partisan Hacks

Rick Ungar pivots off of conservative talker Debbie Schlussel’s investigation and comes up with the following about Freedom Alliance’s “Freedom Concerts,” which were supposed to raise money to send the children of fallen soldiers to college and help wounded soldiers pay their bills. Apparently they’ve done little of either. The numbers… In 2008, the charity […]

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John Stewart Does Glenn Beck

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First, the promo… Then, the whole thing… Listen, you may not agree with Stewart’s politics and Beck is certainly an easy target…but given our current state of affairs, having somebody like Stewart lampoon Beck is what we need right now to balance things out. In short, if Beck is the voice of libertarianism/conservatism…you all need […]

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Tom Tancredo Pulls Tea Party Further Down In The Muck

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The Tea Party protests last spring could have been the start of something important in American politics had it not been for the vocal group of far right wingers who insisted on leveling all sorts of racially charged attacks at Obama and his supporters. Well, this weekend they’re holding their convention in Nashville, Tennessee and […]

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Ahhh, Remember The Good Ole Days?

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The Daily Show lampoons Glenn Beck’s, Sean Hannity’s & Bill O’Reilly’s clarion calls to the right about how America is being transformed into something scary and unrecognizable. Enjoy… And scene. Tweet

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