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Ron Paul Drops Searing New Anti-Gingrich Ad

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Looks like the Dr. is stepping up to the plate and calling Newt out on his sketchy, flip-floppy record. With Newt way up in Iowa (even though he just got an office in the state a week ago) and now leading the GOP contenders nationwide, expect all of the other candidates to aim their guns […]

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Ron Paul To Run For President In 2012

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Libertarian, Republicans, Ron Paul

He’s in! From National Journal: Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, whose outspoken libertarian views and folksy style made him a cult hero during two previous presidential campaigns, will announce on Tuesday that he’s going to try a third time. Sources close to Paul, who is in his 12th term in the House, said he will unveil […]

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Ron Paul Is Top GOP Fundraiser in Q1

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Republicans, Ron Paul

Will it be 2008 all over again? From Politico: The Texas congressman raised $1 million through his federal PAC and $2 million through Campaign for Liberty, a 501C(4) which cannot transfer funds directly to political organizations. Paul’s fundraising documents, to be filed later Thursday with the FEC, will also show he has $1.7 million on […]

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Ron Paul Talks Republican Party Future

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I usually wouldn’t embed a video of Rachel Maddow’s show, but the following is compelling enough to share. Long story short…abandon the culture wars, embrace real fiscal conservatism and stop being war mongers. Can Libertarianism save the Republican party or will it split it in two? Also, can election laws be reformed to allow a […]

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TSA Responds To Ron Paul Supporter Cash Incident

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging, DHS, Good Decisions, Money, Ron Paul

Just found a comment left by the Transportation Security Administration in the post I wrote yesterday about that situation in St. Louis where a Ron Paul supporter was held and questioned because he had $4,700 in cash on him (which is roughly represented in the picture above). From Evolution of Security: At approximately 6:50 p.m. […]

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Ron Paul Supporter Detained By TSA For Carrying Cash?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Law, Missouri, Money, Ron Paul, Video

A truly dumb move by St. Louis airport employees is recorded and shared here by Fox News… Is Missouri’s militia/Ron Paul tie still in full effect? One note, the commentator in the middle who tries to tie this to Obama’s economic policies at the very end was a truly hacky move. He didn’t need to […]

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Missouri Kills 3rd Party/Militia Bumper Stick Profiling

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barr, Missouri, Ron Paul, Terrorism

This was definitely troubling, so it’s good to see that some real action was taken after the report was revealed. From McClatchy: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Highway Patrol this week retracted a controversial report on militia activity and will change how such reports are reviewed before being distributed to law enforcement agencies. The […]

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Stephen Baldwin V. Ron Paul On Marijuana

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Drugs, Law, Libertarian, Ron Paul, Video

As expected, it’s the “gateway drug” theory v. reality of human existence. Guess which one sounds more credible… I do still love Ron Paul in many ways, and I wish he wouldn’t have been mixed up in that remarkably dumb newsletter operation he was. Because then he’d be a viable third party candidate. Oh well. […]

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Ron Paul On Rush Limbaugh

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“I think it’s pretty sad.” That’s Paul’s response to the idea that Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the Republican party. So will Paul run for President again in 2012? He says he doesn’t think so, but it’s kind of a non-answer at this point. We shall see… (h/t: Below The Beltway) Tweet

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(ANP Video) Bank CEO and TARP Recipient Says Government Bailout is Failing Community Banks

By American News Project | Related entries in Bailouts, Bush, Crazy, D.C., Economy, In The News, Maryland, Media, Money, Ron Paul, Video, WTF?

You’d think that Ron Paul, CEO of Eagle Bank, would be thrilled to receive $38 million dollars in TARP funds. But, it turns out, he’s pretty frustrated. This is Danielle Ivory from the American News Project. As another $350 billion goes out the door, ANP looks at one small bailed-out bank. Eagle Bank is having […]

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