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Todd Akin’s Facebook Page Announces He’s Staying In The Race

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First, a screenshot of the status update his campaign posted on his Facebook Page two hours ago. As you can see, the comments are not kind. Still, this is the LAST word we’ve had from the Akin campaign. This is after all the interviews he gave, all the statements by every Republican that matters currently […]

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VIDEO: Watch The Entire CNN Tea Party Republican Debate

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Presented here in 11 parts. Some of them weren’t embeddable, but I’ll link to them. By the way, forgive the stupid “Mox News” stuff. They’re the only ones who uploaded the entire debate to YouTube. Part 1 Part 2 Click here to watch Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Click here to watch […]

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Warren Buffett: Why Am I Not Being Taxed More?

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An amazing editorial was published the New York Times yesterday. Not just because Warren Buffett lays waste to nearly every single “taxation kills investment” argument…but because he has lost his patience with those who don’t understand history. To start… While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle […]

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Politico Thinks Donald Trump Might Be For Real…Maybe

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I still think it’s a stunt, but Trump is making moves towards running a real campaign. So says Politico: Despite an almost universal refusal by Republican establishment figures and the press to take him seriously, Donald Trump is taking very concrete steps toward forming — and announcing — a presidential campaign. He has interviewed at […]

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Elections have consequences – #1 in a series – The F-35 alternate engine

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Last week, in the Republican controlled House of Representatives, with Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner supporting the continued funding of the unneeded engine, it was finally defeated. Credit to President Obama, Defense Secretary Robert Gates for reaching out to Republican legislators and the new crop of Tea Party supported freshman Republican representatives who stood up to their own leadership.

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Tucson Shooting Victim Held For Death Threat Against Tea Party Leader

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Yes, this man has the right to be furious with what happened, but directing that anger towards the worst possible scenario is irresponsible. From Politico: James Eric Fuller, 63, was detained on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and threat charges Saturday during the event taped for a special edition of ABC’s “This Week,” Pima County sheriff’s spokesman […]

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Tea Party & Bernie Sanders Using Tucson Tragedy For Fundraising

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I bet you never thought you’d see those two in the same headline. I’m a bit surprised myself. Bernie should know better. From The Weekly Standard comes the text of the email from Sanders… Given the recent tragedy in Arizona, as well as the start of the new Congress, I wanted to take this opportunity […]

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Health v Gun Care

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VIDEO: Gabrielle Giffords Talked About Sarah Palin’s Target List

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Incredibly eerie in retrospect. Here’s what Gifford said on March 25, 2010… “…for example, we’re on Sarah Palin’s targeted list, but the thing is that the way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district, and when people do that, they’ve gotta realize there are consequences to that […]

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Tea Partiers…What About The Wars?

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Peter Beinart makes a good point about our massive defense budget and undeclared wars… In modern times, conservative presidents like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush have tried to reconcile their efforts to rein in federal power with their support for a large military and an interventionist foreign policy. But both times, the latter has […]

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