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Obama Compromises On Bush Tax Cut Extension & Unemployment Benefits, But…

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In order to get the votes he needs to make sure unemployed Americans get the relief they need (and deserve) and employed Americans continue to enjoy payroll tax cuts, Obama is cutting a deal with the Repubs on the extension of the Bush tax cuts. As I’ve pointed out previously, this goes against the anti-spending […]

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Harry Reid Keeps Senate Seat

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It wasn’t the squeaker that was once reported. Looks like he’ll win by 5%, which is a pretty big swing from what the polls were projecting. But we all know it wasn’t a matter of Reid being good. Angle was just that bad. From the LA Times: Reporting from Las Vegas — Democratic Sen. Harry […]

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Predictions For Nov 2

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First off, I think almost all of the major Tea Party Senate candidates will lose. That means O’Donnell, Angle and Miller will not be going to Washington. However, I think Rand Paul will squeak out a victory in Kentucky. So what will the split end up looking like? SENATE Dems – 52 Repubs – 48 […]

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The Last Thing I’ll Post About Christine O’Donnell

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She’s not a witch She’s you. God bless you Tea Party. (NOTE: If Christine O’Donnell wins, I reserve the right to post often about her.) Tweet

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Tea Partying

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With another decisive and bitter election coming up, it looks like further gridlock as Americans split further apart politically, socially and economically.  Names and labels are replacing concepts and ideas that once brought people to the table.  Not to be too romantic or idealistic but what ever happen to the concept of What you can […]

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Pollster: Angle And Reid Neck And Neck In Nevada

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Will last night’s debate swing the race? I didn’t see it, but I’m hearing that Angle looked sort of like a Senator and that may be all she needs to defeat the wildly unpopular Senate majority leader. Here’s the trending from Pollster… Will Reid squeak this one out? Will Angle be the Tea Party’s biggest […]

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Gallup: 58% Of Americans Want Third Party

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It’s jumped considerably since the 2008 election. But do people really want the Tea Party to be the third way? Gallup with more… My gut tells me that most folks understand that the Tea Partiers are just really angry conservatives who are lashing out at their own for supporting fiscally irresponsible behavior. And yes, there […]

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Murkowski Declares Write-In Campaign For Alaska Senate Seat

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Looks like the Tea Party folks are getting a lot more push back from the GOP then they were expecting. First Mike Castle won’t endorse Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and now Lisa Murkowski is literally trying to win while not being on the ballot. From Anchorage Daily News: Murkowski said she agonized over the decision […]

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O’Donnell Wins In Delaware. Democrats Rejoice.

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Why? Public Policy Polling explains… Republicans more than likely cost themselves a Senate seat last night. Chris Coons begins the general election in Delaware with a 50-34 lead over Christine O’Donnell. Mike Castle would have led Coons by a 45-35 margin. While O’Donnell may have ingratiated herself to Delaware’s small group of registered Republicans over […]

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Sharron Angle Wants The Press To Be Her Friend

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This is funny for so many reasons… First, if you’re Carl Cameron you have to feel kind of embarrassed at this transparent admission that Fox News should just play ball and walk through Angle’s talking points. Second, if you’re Fox News, well, can you hear that echo? Third, if you’re a member of the Tea […]

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