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In China, History Is Written By The “Winners”

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Do you know what 76,692,000 represents? Do you know what democide means? To find out, read more here. (HT: Dean’s World) Tweet

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Libertarian Seasteading Gains Traction With Deep Pockets

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We first wrote about the idea of seasteading (building new countries offshore on oil platforms) in 2009. At the time, I had this to offer… No doubt it’s an interesting notion, but is this practical? Living on the sea? Just think of how much risk that could entail. Of course you’d do the research to […]

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Illustrating Libya’s Problem

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You can find more at David Donar’s site Political Graffiti. Tweet

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Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Finally Steps Down

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They won. From Bloomberg: Hosni Mubarak stepped down as president of Egypt and handed power to the military, bowing to the demands of protesters who have occupied central Cairo for the past 18 days demanding an end to his 30-year rule. “Mubarak has decided to relinquish the office of the presidency,” said Vice President Omar […]

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Mubarak Saving Face?

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Find more from Donar at Political Graffiti. Tweet

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What In The Hell Happened Yesterday On Wall Street?

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Human error? Computer error? Greece? Spain? China? WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?! Wall Street Journal tries to sort out the mess… A bad day in the financial markets was made worse by an apparent trading glitch, leaving traders and investors nervous and scratching their heads over how a mistake could send the Dow […]

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Pat Robertson’s Outrageous Haiti Claim And The Way Forward For The Religious Right

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First, take a look at the video… Listen, I hate to beat up on Pat, especially since he’s not sounding too good these days, but this is more for those folks like Christy (his co-host in the video) than anybody else. Because this kind of nonsense needs to go away once Robertson’s generation passes. Otherwise, […]

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Let’s Compare US Health Care Costs With Other Countries

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The Wash Post’s Ezra Klein interviewed the CEO of Kaiser Permanente and found massive differences when looking at health care costs in the US and other countries. Yes, it’s not even close. Gee, I wonder why we’re going bankrupt… And those are just 3 graphs! Want to see the other 19? Click here to download […]

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Helium-3: Energy Godsend?

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I’ve been genuinely intrigued at how much fiction and reality have been intersecting recently. See, there’s this film called MOON and it follows the story of a guy working on the far side of the moon who figures out that there’s a lot more to his mission than collecting the natural resource Helium-3. It’s a […]

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Seasteading: Libertarians Taking To The Sea For Fun And Freedom

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I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it, but “Seasteading” is a serious idea, it’s being backed by Milton Friedman’s grandson and they’ve apparently already raised more than a half a million dollars to realize their dream of building communities…on the sea! Here’s more from Reason: Patri Friedman was doing all […]

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