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Huntsman To Be Ambassador To China

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This is a pretty surprising turn of events, because not only was Huntsman mentioned by many as a potential presidential contender in 2012, but this move will have the net effect of thumbing his nose at the entire Republican party. Because if anybody is Mr Bipartisanship in the Republican party, it’s Hunstman. Mix this in […]

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Quote Of The Day – Common Ground

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“You can’t just say no. You can’t just obstruct or obfuscate. Instead of just kind of grousing and complaining, it would do us all a whole lot of good if we actually started engaging directly in finding compromises and common ground and shared solutions.” – Republican Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman in an interview with ABC […]

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Romney Wins Utah

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Romney, Utah

Finally some good news for Mitt, but the night isn’t shaping up good for him so far. There’s still California, though, so we’ll have to wait before we speculate if he’s truly over or not. Tweet

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