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Watch the 2012 GOP Convention LIVE!

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Gotta love YouTube! Tweet

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Paul Ryan: “The method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life.”

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Rape is now a “method of conception.” *shakes head* *sighs* Tweet

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VIDEO: Romney Actually Goes There With Birther Joke

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Probably the saddest appeal to the base yet. Can’t believe he went there. Here’s his quote… “I love being home, in this place where Ann and I were raised, where but the both of us were born,” Romney said after introducing his wife, fellow Michigan native Ann. “No one’s ever asked to see my birth […]

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Todd Akin Cuts New TV Ad/Apology, Looks To Be Staying In

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So all of those GOP pundits were wrong? Perhaps. Here’s his new ad… Let’s get one thing straight. Akin didn’t use the wrong words. He clearly suggested that a rape victim’s body could cleanse itself. Also, the word “legitimate” is not a misstep. Especially in the context of what he said. Also, keep in mind […]

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CNN VIDEO: Wisconsin Moves To Toss-Up

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John King breaks it down… Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me. While Wisconsin leans left, when voter enthusiasm isn’t up…it’s tight. Kerry barely won it in 2004 and Gore’s margin was even closer in 2000. Obama ran away with it in 2008, so it remains to be seen if Ryan can make that big of an […]

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Obama’s Bain Attack & Romney’s Potential Response

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Politico has the 2 minute video that pulls no punches, but does it fairly, in my opinion. And here’s the longer version… This definitely hits close to home since I live in Kansas City. And let’s face facts…but when all this was going on the idea of downsizing to improve profits was very attractive. The […]

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VIDEO: Olympia Snowe to Retire. Blames Partisanship.

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This interview with the outgoing Republican Senator from Maine is pretty awesome. Take a look. Personally, I’m excited to see what Snowe is planning next. We need more politicians like her to be parting ways with what currently passes for government so we can figure out how we can work together to solve these problems. […]

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VIDEO: Watch The Arizona Republican Debate

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Didn’t catch it last night? Here it is. So the chatter is that Santorum lost it and Romney won. Well, here’s my take. Romney didn’t lose, but he didn’t win either. He was only able to take some cheap shots and make it seem like Santorum lost. But do I think Romney will win Michigan […]

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Pre-Review: StockTouch Mobile/Tablet App

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Hey all, I was contacted recently by a company that has created a really compelling way to keep track of the top stocks and I wanted to share it with you. Full disclosure, they gave me the app for free to review, and I haven’t fully dug into it, but from what I’ve seen of […]

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Are Republicans Terrified Of Newt’s Rise? Sabato Says Yes.

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Check out his latest video blog post. Some pretty compelling prognostication… Long story short…the Newt map is bad…very bad… Yes, we’re still a long ways out…but people know Newt. And they’re not exactly fond of him. Well, let me rephrase. Moderate Dems and Independents know Newt…and they’re not exactly fond of him. What do you […]

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