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Adobe Flash Player Free Download Available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


Adobe Flash Player is still an option for many users, and for some website, it’s a necessity. Many well-known websites still use it even though they’re trying to make the move away from it. While this is going on, it’s going to take time to happen completely. Therefore, users must use the latest options available to them, but with the quirkiness that Flash seems to have, this can be difficult.

Chrome users are especially having a hard time with Flash. After all, it won’t run on Chrome even if it’s been enabled on the browser. With no ability to run Flash using Chrome, most people wonder why this is happening.


Enabling Websites To Use Flash

It’s not enough for users to have Flash Player enabled. They must give permission to a website to use Flash. The simplest way to have this done is disabling and re-enabling the Flash Player. When you visit a website that uses Flash Player, you may get a pop-up that tells the website to show Flash content. Once the “Allow” button is clicked, the content should play.

Update Services

You may also experience problems where more than on service needs updating. To eliminate this issue, update your Flash Player, which can be done by going to the Adobe’s official website. The dedicated page will have a can’t-miss-it button to download and install the latest Flash Player version. Once the newest version has been installed, you can try using the service once more.

However, if the problem continues, it could be a Chrome-related issue. You may need to update Google Chrome to get better service and enable the features to ensure it works as it should. A Chrome update is the next step you need to take to use Flash Player properly. If Flash Player still doesn’t work on Chrome, just go with that idea.

Reinstall Flash

If an update doesn’t address the issue, uninstall and reinstall Flash entirely. Be sure to get the latest file and re-install it, which tends to work more often than not in fixing Adobe Flash Player.

The three possible solutions tend to work in addressing an Adobe Flash Player problem, but it’s not unheard of that all fails. However, most people will find that issue of Chrome not showing Flash material is fixed by one of the three above methods.

How To Minimize The Instances of Adobe Flash Player Crashing In Firefox

adobe flash player
Adobe announced sometime back that it would no longer be offering support of its once-popular Flash Player come 2020 due to the rising popularity of the HTML5 Player.

In fact, many well-known companies have been abandoning Flash Player for HTML5 for their websites, and it’s just a matter of time, before most webpages use HTML5 rather than the full-of-holes of the Adobe Flash Player.

If you use the Firefox browser, you may have noticed some issues with Adobe Flash Player. You may even be getting the “Adobe Flash Plugin has crashed” message every so often. You can reload the animation, video or game to try again, but that won’t stop the player from crashing once more later on.

Get The Latest Available Flash Player

Latest VersionExpiry Date of 2020

The latest Flash plugin version has many fixes to it. So, to find if your computer is installed with the newest update, you need to go to the official website of Adobe Flash Player. And, if you learn that you do have an out-of-date version, do the following to get the newest one:

  • Go to Adobe’s download page.
  • Hit the Install button, but uncheck the box to download the optional software that comes with the Flash Player installation if you don’t want it.
  • Once downloaded, close out Firefox and hit the Flash player installer file so the program can finish installing and will run smoother.

Disabling The Flash Player’s Hardware Acceleration

Many of Flash’s issues are resolvable by eliminating the option for hardware acceleration in the program’s settings. How can you do this?

  • Visit the main Adobe Flash Player website and find the Help page.
  • Right-click the Flash Player logo on the Help page and hit Settings.
  • Click the icon at the left-hand side of the Flash Player window to bring up the Display panel.
  • Untick the box for “Enable Hardware Acceleration.”
  • Hit the “Close” button, restarting the Firefox web browser.

Disabling Flash Protected Mode

Plugin crashes may also be the result of Adobe Flash’s Protected Mode. While you do disable the option, this does leave you vulnerable.

  • Hit the menu button on Firefox (noted by the three lines) and choose Add-ons.
  • Go to the Plugins panel and hit “Options.”
  • Uncheck the “Enable Adobe Flash Protected Mode.”
  • Shut down and restart the browser.

Special Note – You can’t do this on 64-bit Firefox.

Even though HTML5 is much better than the tried-and-true of Adobe Flash Player, computer users are encouraged to continue using it until Adobe stops offering its support in 2020.

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