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Samsung Galaxy S7 Overheating? Try These Quick Fixes


Are you one of the Samsung Galaxy S7 users who are experiencing overheating issues? Well, no need to fret, because you have found a solution for that.

Overheating is one of the issues that new phone users encounter. This happens when you tend to use the phone for extended periods, which causes the battery to drain fast. This could take a toll on the devices GPU or CPU, causing the phone to heat up.

Here are possible fixes that you can apply to fix this issue.


Do Not Use The Device When Charging

It is understandable that you still want to use your phone even when it is charging, but this could end up overheating your device. Thus, you need to allow your phone to cool down when all the juices have been drained.

Remove The Cover

You can resolve the overheating issues of your Galaxy S7 by removing the case or cover while using the device. However, when the problem persists, then you can use another option for that matter.

Toggle The Fast Charging Option

You need to toggle the fast cable charging to be able to resolve the overheating issues of your Galaxy S7. Just go to Settings and look for the Battery settings. Tap it and you will see an option for fast cable charging, which you need to switch Off. After 5 seconds, you can switch it On again. You can also toggle the Fast wireless charging if that is available on your device.

Try The Soft Reset

This can be a good option especially if you don’t want important data to be lost, but this closes the apps running from the background in order to free up memory on your Samsung Galaxy S7. You can notice that your phone runs smoother than usual, just as the overheating issue fixed.

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