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Is Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating? Here’s How to Solve the Issue


It’s natural for smartphones to feel warm to touch. But it’s definitely a problem when your Samsung Galaxy S6, for instance, becomes too hot that you feel uncomfortable holding it.

How do you resolve this issue of your Samsung Galaxy S6 overheating?


Too Hot to Handle: Samsung Galaxy S6

When your Samsung Galaxy S6 is overheating, you’ll receive an alert that it has to be turned off to cool down. Symptoms of overheating include lags and a reduced battery life.

Here’s What to Do

There are several reasons why your S6 overheats and it’s worth to go through these steps to get to the bottom of the problem.

  1. Some apps consume more power than others that results in overheating. From your home screen go to menu then select battery. From the Battery’s menu, find “Abnormal battery usage” that should tell which apps are killing your battery usage.
  2. Some apps while sitting in the background can still consume power. Make sure there are no apps running in the background. Follow this: Home Screen > Recent apps > Active apps > tap End or End All > click OK.
  3. A brightly-lit phone screen that is kept idle for too long also causes overheating. Galaxy S6 has been known for being efficient while still being low lit.
  4. Turn off your phone. Don’t wait for your phone to prompt you to shut it down. Switching it off gives it time to rest. Then restart it afterwards.
  5. If necessary, do a factory reset to revert to the default settings but be sure to back up your data.

Indeed, it’s best practice to turn off your phone while charging because the heat from the phone and the charging itself can be too much. Still, if the problem of overheating persists, have your phone looked at by an authorized Samsung service center.

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