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Adobe Flash Player Initialization Problem on latest Mozilla Firefox build


Everyone knows about the “breakup” between Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player but it would seem that Mozilla Firefox is having some problems with the software as well. Recently, a user took to Adobe’s forums to report a problem regarding the installation of Flash Player. The user mentioned that they updated their browser to Firefox 53.0, hoping that this will provide some insight or valuable clue as to what might have happened. As to what happened, it would seem that upon trying to open the setup file for Adobe Flash Player, this user encountered an error message saying “Initialization problem”.

Luckily, an Adobe official chipped in to help and asked for details about the OP’s operating system, including the version on which it was running. It wasn’t that surprising to find out that the OP was using the recently released Creators Update for Windows 10. So far, there has been no official fix for this problem neither was it traced back to the operating system. The same Adobe staff member returned however to assure the OP that they were looking for the problem. In the meantime, they also left a couple of suggestions as to what might solve the problem. Those that run into a similar problem could try these solutions while waiting for a more explicit solution from Adobe. Here’s what Adobe’s staff member m_vargas suggested:

I’ll need to get the installation log files from you to troubleshoot the ‘application initialization error’.  Please review the FAQ Where do I find the Flash Player installation log on Windows? and provide the Adobe_ADM.log and Adobe_GDE.log files by uploading them to using the instructions at How to share a document and post the link to the uploaded files in your reply.

As an alternative, you can try using the offline installer posted at the bottom of the Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows 7 and earlier page in the ‘Still having problems’ section, however, without the installation log files we can’t troubleshoot why the initialization error is occurring.

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