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iMac 2017 Rumors Reveal That Production Will Start Soon


It has not been a secret for some time now that Apple has been firing up the release for their new iMac 2017 sometime this year. The company has somewhat indirectly announced a few weeks ago when it had an interview with a group of tech journalists. Subsequently, new reports seem to be confirming that the new iMacs will entering production quite soon.

Reports regarding the iMac

Reports from Digitimes, Apple has already sent orders for the new iMacs to be made available sometime this year. Similar to older models, the new devices will be made by Quanta Computer. The exact number of units has not yet been made public, but reports claim that they will enter production sometime around the month of May this year. This would suggest that the desktops will be made available for purchases around the same time Apple will be announcing the iPhone 7 upgrade in the month of September.


It is believed that the new iMacs will be created for professional users, by being equipped with several server-grade components. Most noticeable of these components is the fact that the processor will be an Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6.

Since the processor is of that caliber, the RAM will have to be the ECC variant. This is quite nice to hear as this type of memory is less prone to errors and overall more reliable. On top of this, the AIO models will have a minimum of 16GB of RAM with the possibility to expand to 64GB.

Storage technology will also be vastly improved, with the addition of a 2TB NVMe SSD. Apple is quite known for its use of NVMe storage for quite a while now thanks to its superior writing and reading speeds. This would suggest that they are trying to remove entirely the older types of drives and making their iMac storages completely formed out of NVMe storage solutions.

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