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LG G6 vs. Motorola Moto Z Force – Which One is Better?


Despite their differences in several areas, the LG G6 and the Moto Z Force smartphones have a lot of things in common, and as such, a comparison between the two of them is warranted. Only one of them can be considered the better phone and this should be decided based on specifications, design and functions.

Physical characteristics

Both of the devices are overall solidly built, but the LG G6 makes use of a metal frame and a glass backing, while the Z Forces has a backing made entirely comprised of metal. As far as size is concerned, the LG G6 is about 0.2 inches bigger than its counterpart but their weight is identical at 163 grams.

Interior characteristics

The resolution for the smartphone is the same Quad HD variant, but the G6 uses the QHD+ and both have different technologies. Both of them have the Snapdragon 821 processor and the Adreno GPU, but the LG G6 uses a newer version of the Snapdragon chip. Memory is the same 4 GB and both have expandable memory via their microSD slots.


The characteristics of the primary cameras are quite different, but the front-facing ones are both 5 megapixel configured cameras. Both the devices make use of a fingerprint sensor for unlocking gadgets and authorizing mobile payments, only the location differs. The Z Force fingerprint sensor is positioned at the front of the smartphone, while the G6 sensor is positioned at the back.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

Both of the smartphones come with Bluetooth, although the versions are different (the LG G6 runs a version 4.2 while the Z Force has the 4.1). They are, of course, capable of utilizing Wi-Fi connections, Global Positioning System and also near-filed communication. They both user the new, reversible Type-C port for charging them as well as transferring data.

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