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Android Nougat Best Features That You Should Use


Yes, we know that the Android O preview is out, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t stop to appreciate some of the great features its predecessor brought us. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most interesting Android Nougat features!

Battery Life Optimization

In a world where most people complain about the fact that their battery have shorter and shorter life spans, improving the battery life is definitely a win for the Android N. You can optimize your battery usage under battery settings menu.

Improved Notifications

If you have an annoying notification, you can long press on it and choose to block all notifications. Of course, you can edit this in Notifications.

Data Saver

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, then you’ll totally be grateful for the data saving improvements added to this OS.

Quick Settings Menu

The quick settings menu was present before, but now you can customize the tiles completely, which is excellent!

Split Screen Mode

One of the most anticipated feature was the split screen mode, which allowed for easy multitasking. You can copy things from one side to another in a second!

Change the Display Size

You can find a new setting that allows you to choose a size you like most.

App Shortcuts

Long pressing on an app icon will show you the basic options, such as subscriptions and trending for YouTube.

Choose Apps for Share Menu

You can select what apps you want for easy access when you want to share something with friends.

Improved File Explorer

The Android developers tinkered with the File Explorer too, and now you can also use third party file explorers if you need.

Emergency Information

Lock screens are very useful in case someone wants to enter your phone, but in case you lose it and someone wants to bring it back, it will display emergency information on the screen.

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