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Sims 4 Cheats and Tips – Unlimited Points for an Easier Game


The Sims 4 has quite a lot of content under its belt and a lot of things to do. It features three full expansions and 4 game packs, which gives you a lot of replay value and new things to experience. Sometimes you just do not have the necessary patience or time to grind your way up to the objectives you’ve set for yourself but you want to experience them nonetheless. Rest assured, as the game has cheat commands available to help speed things ups.

All these cheats are accessed via the Command Console in your gam. This is accessed by the keyboard combination of ‘’CTRL+SHIFT+C’’ and then typing the ‘’testingcheats true’’ command. This will permit you to access all the available cheats, as well as features that are normally off-limits.

The Classical Money Cheat

Adding money in games via cheats is as old as gaming itself and Sims 4 is no different. Like in previous Sims games, entering in the console the ‘’motherlode’’ command will give you a total amount of 50,000 Simoleons. You can also add a specific quantity of money by typing in the console ‘’Sims.modify_funds +{number}’’, the word number being substituted with the actual amount you want.

Unlimited Satisfaction Points

Satisfaction in the Sims 4 is gained when your Sims achieve their aspiration and satisfy their whims. These can be used to receive various buffs, potions for youth and traits, which are very important. If you do not wish to waste time trying to get these there is a simple console cheat for this. Start the console and type in ‘’sims.give_satisfaction_points x’’, make sure to replace the ‘’x’’ with the actual number you want.

Make your Sims young again

If you don’t want the Sims you’ve been working on for so long to die then you are in luck. There is a simple command to de-age your characters and get them back to a healthy young age. Access the command and then type in ‘’cas.fulleditmode’’. After that, you will have to shift-select your desired Sim and this will launch you in the Create a Sim mode. Here you can just simply adjust the age slider and you’re done.

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