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Face ID Available for the new OLED iPhone X


There were many rumors surrounding Apples new iPhone and one of them was that the Touch ID system will be replaced with Face ID. Guilherme Rambo, iOS developer shared some info on the setup process of the FaceID feature.

Rambo shares a glimpse of Apple’s new Face ID system

The developer shared the settings and preference screen for the new feature. It appears that users can choose to use the Face ID feature for unlocking their iPhone, iTunes, Apps Store and Safari Autofill. The only app remaining is Apple Pay and according to Rambo that is due to the fact that Apple Pay is not available in Brazil and he uses a Brazilian Apple Pay.

How FaceID works

iPhone users need to tap Enroll Face. The iOS operating system will ask the user to move their head around and once the scan is finished, the face will be enrolled in Apple’s biometric security. In another video recorded by Rambo a separate piece of the UI connected with Face ID is presented. According to the Brazilian developer it is uncertain whether there will be a camera preview in the final version.

Another rumor, due to leaks related to the HomePod firmware, is that iPhone X will have the ability to scan users face even when the device is lying flat on a table. The idea behind the Face ID feature is to make the unlocking process faster and more secure. This was confirmed by Mark Gurman.

Many iPhone owners were fast to comment. Some like the idea of the Face ID feature, while others believed that it is a waste of battery power to run the camera and that it was definitely not safer than using fingerprints. Until it is released, many other rumors will appear.

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