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Google Earth Pro V. Free Download Available With Bug Fixes


Google Earth Pro is an advanced program that allows you to explore maps and satellite images and use various useful tools. Now Google Earth Pro released a new minor update that should fix bugs encountered by some users with the version. Let’s take a look at the update.

Google Earth Pro bug fixes

Many users that upgraded from Google Earth “Free” to Google Earth Pro had some problems with the “My Places” folders, “losing it” after the upgrade. The new installs aim to fix this problem, and new Google Earth Pro updates will check if there already is a “My places” folder set by the free version of Google Earth. If it is, they will use that one.

If you are someone who already experienced this issue, Google Earth Pro can solve it for you with the Repair Tool. Here is how to use it and reset your Google Earth Pro settings:

  • First of all, navigate to Help and then go to Launch Repair Tool in order to open the Repair Tool.
  • Close the Google Earth Pro application.
  • Go to the Repair Tool menu and select the Pro version of Google Earth.
  • Select “Restore Default Settings”
  • Exit the Repair tool and restart the Google Pro application, and this issue shouldn’t exist anymore.

Google Earth Pro also takes care of the “black globe” error encountered by Windows users. With this update, Google Earth Pro should detect graphics cards that are not compatible, allowing users that have that issues to switch over to DirectX automatically.

If you did not encounter any errors with Google Earth Pro and the application works correctly for you, you do not need to get the new update.

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