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Discover These Clash Of Clans Builders Base Tips That Will Enhance Your Game Experience


Clash of Clans has millions of fans and more and more gamers begin to play it. Luckily for them, the game’s company, Supercell, constantly brings new improvements. Lately, a huge change came to Clash of Clans: the Builders Base. Players received a brand new village that can be accessed with a ship. However, the new village has some different rules and it requires different strategies. Here are some of the most important features.

Builder Hall

The Builder Hall is very important for your Builders Base. Unless you level up your Builder Hall, you won’t be able to access new troops and troops upgrades. However, you won’t be able to upgrade the Hall unless you have already upgraded all the other buildings.


As we previously mentioned, you will be able to unlock troops and upgrades whenever you upgrade your Builders Hall. At level two you will get the Rage Barbarian that is just like a regular one, but with more Damage and Speed; and the Sneaky Archer that has the power to stay undetected for a few seconds. Level three will unlock the Boxer Giant that can use the Power Punch for more damage. Most of these powers will be unlocked separately from the troops. You will also get the Beta Minion and the Bomber and the Baby Giant at level four. The Builders Base troops look similar with the regular troops, but they have some slight design changes.

New battle mode

This update also comes with Versus battle, a brand new battle mode that will help you gain resources. And you can also train all your troops for free; resources are only needed for upgrades. You can only gain resources in the first three wins of that day, after that you will only receive (or lose, if that is the case) trophies.

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