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Facebook to Release Premium TV shows next month


According to the latest reports, Facebook is about to make a big jump into television. To make things even better, the company is planning to do this next month.

According to Business Insider, the well-known social network company is currently working on about 24 shows and plans to release them in the middle of June 2017. In fact, there will be actually two tiers of shows: a small number of longer big-budget shows and other less expensive shows that will last only 5-10 minutes, which can be added to the Facebook App’s video tab daily.

We remind you that back in February 2017, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has mentioned that he wants users to come to the service for “episodic content.” It seems that Facebook Company sees high-quality, scripted video as an important feature to keep users interested in its social network.

S far, the short video clips that autoplay in Facebook’s News Feed have been a real success for most publishers, but we’re not that sure if the consumers will start thinking of Facebook as a destination for watching longer-form of shows.

Well, it is just a matter of time until we will finally see what the big social network company will do with these new TV shows. Hopefully, the premium TV shows will be as good as other popular TV shows or else nobody will want to waste their time with them.

As for the short-timed movies (5-10 minutes), it doesn’t matter how bad/good they will be, because most of the users will give them a try and if they like them, they will keep looking for the next shows.

We remind you that this is not the only “gamble” that Mark Zuckerberg has played until now. Until now, the CEO of Facebook has made some pretty good decisions and this might turn up to be a pretty good one that will bring big revenues to the company.

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