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Find Out What Has Changed in the New Pokemon Go Nest Migration


If you’ve played at least a bit of Pokemon Go, then you might know what nests are. For those unfamiliar with the term, Pokemon nests are a certain area on the game’s map where you can find a certain species of Pokemon spawning very often. Needless to say, Niantic Labs are trying to keep things interesting and competitive, therefore every two weeks nests migrate, and some of them disappear for good.

And now, on May 3rd, the twentieth nest migration took place. If you thought that you’ve discovered a good nesting spot near you, then you might want to brace yourself, because it’s changed or gone now. If you want to keep up to date with nest migrations, you can simply visit The Silph Road. The Silph Road is a website that helps Pokemon Go players keep track of nests by using real-time user reports. Think of it as Pokemon Go’s Waze.

Reported Changes

Another very good way to keep track of Pokemon Go nest migration is to go on Reddit boards that specialize in the topic. We’ve gathered quite a few precious bits and bobs of info on the recent changes that occurred throughout the game’s nesting spots, and we’ve compiled them for you, our readers. These are the nest changes we know according to various user reports drawn from Reddit:

  • Squirtle replace Mankey
  • Houndour replaced Krabby
  • Gastly replace Marill
  • Growlithe replaced Sentret
  • Machop replaced Swinub
  • Scyther replaced Tediursa
  • Meowth replaced Weedle

Therefore, if you had any of these nests near you, you might want to check them out now. We’re most excited about the new Meowth spawning area that replaced the Weedle one, because we just love Meowth. What about you? Which is your favorite Pokemon? Let us know in the comment section below.

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