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Find Out Just How Secure iOS 10 Really Is


With every new version of iOS that launches, Apple keeps promising us improved security features, among many other new and exciting improvements. This shows that the Cupertino tech giant has caught on to how important security is to smartphone users nowadays, especially with all the companies that came forward on the topic of data collection and farming.

Naturally, with the launch of the most recent installment in Apple’s in-house operating system line, namely the iOS 10, many new promises of improved security features were made. But did Apple really hold true to them? Our answer will have to be a firm ‘yes’ on this one. Keep reading to find out why.

iOS 10 Security Features

Perhaps the most robust security features that iOS 10 has to offer is its reliable data encryption system. In this way, Apple’s got your back as far as protecting your data from malicious third-parties, be them hackers or actual physical thieves that stole your phone. Your iPhone protects itself and the data it carries by a series of security steps such as a password, a pin code and thumbprint.

On top of that, while the myth that Apple devices aren’t safe from malware might not hold true, it’s true that they are a bit safer from outside threats than Android devices or any other operating system-powered ones. For one, any Apple device comes with sever anti-malware programs already built in, and the constant security patches and update rolled out by the company also reduce the risk of malware infestation.

All in all, we’d have to say that iOS 10 is pretty safe as far as operating systems go. What about your experience? Do you own an iOS 10-powered device? If so, how would you rate its security level? Let us know.

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