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Clash of Clans Major DLC To Be Released Later Than April


It seems that Supercell has brought both good and bad news for the fans of the Clash of Clans game. According to the developer, the major DLC that was rumored to be released this month will be delayed for May or June 2017.

The developing company has mentioned this on the official Clash of Clans Facebook page, saying that the new major DLC will be bigger and different from any other DLCs that they have ever released for this game.

Supercell has called the upcoming major update to be a “bigger and different update,” meaning that it will bring something new to the game, such as the rumored shipwreck feature and water-themed contents. We have to mention that a water-themed content will be a really good addition to the Clash of Clans game, which will attract even more players.

Unfortunately, now everyone is wondering when the developing company will finally release this “massive” update and what actually it will bring to the game. According to Supercell, the update is not quite ready to be released.

So, if you’ve read some rumors regarding the major update being released in April 2017, we have some bad news for you, as since this month will be ended this Sunday, there are very high chances that we will see something new content added to the Clash of Clans sometime in May or June 2017.

However, before the new DLC will come, Supercell willwant to keep the Clash of Clans fans interested by adding new events. We remind you that the Jump Spell event has just ended, but this Saturday you will be able to start training Miners at a 90% discount (for a limited time).

Are you playing Clash of Clans on your mobile device? What new features do you think that Clash of Clans will receive once the major DLC that will be released?

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