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Clash Royale New Night Witch Card Available


Night Witch

A new card is rumored to be launched for the mobile game ‘’Clash Royale’’ made by Supercell. This new card is believed to be called Night Witch and sources show that it could be unlocked through a challenge called Insane Draft Challenge.

The card is also named Dark Witch and its abilities are that it can target terrestrials and can inflict quite considerable damage when using its rod. Night Witch can also create bats which are able to regenerate every two seconds, and as such, allowing the players to have an easier time when grabbing the battlefield. By the looks of it, the card seems to be quite a perfect mix of ground and air offensive capabilities.

Despite being a card that can be acquired via the Insane Draft Challenge, it will not be the only one. There are rumors that other rewards can be acquired like 5000 gold, 100 gems, 20 dark prince cards and giant safes.

We do not know exactly yet what this Insane Draft Challenge entails for players, and we also do not know yet how many victories are needed before the players can acquire the Night Witch card either.

Clash Royale

The game ‘’Clash Royale’’ is more or less a simple one versus one game where player’s objective is to destroy the towers of their rival in order to win. The game had great success in 2016 on Google Play Store, managing even to beat ‘’Pokémon GO’’ in terms of popularity. For the moment, it comes as 2nd in the ratings for the Apple App Store, and just fifth in the Play Store.

Venture Beat has reported that Supercell’s game is ranking fourth overall as far as worldwide revenues are concerned in the mobile games market. They managed to surpass the $1 billion mark gross revenue in February of 2017.

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