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Google Chromecast Tips on How to Turn Your TV into A Personal Dashboard


Check out some useful tips and tricks on how you can turn your TV into a personal dashboard using Google Chromecast.

It’s pretty cool to see that Chromecast can be a great multitasking tool. You can turn your TV into a dashboard that will be able to include features such as your calendar, daily news, important notes, weather updates and more. All you need in order to be able to enjoy all this is obviously Chromecast and to install the Dashboard Cast app on your mobile device.

You don’t even need a smart TV, but you do need a HDMI input. So, let’s get started!

Add items to your dashboard

Begin by installing the Dashboard Cast on your phone to be able to manage the widgets in your dashboard from this app.

Start adding items by tapping on the blue icon “+” from the right corner of your screen. As we said before, you’ll be able to set up a calendar or to add an option that activates your personal notes so they can alert you about important info throughout the day.

Customizing your dashboard

You can rearrange your widgets by touching the side menu that it indicated by the three dots. Then, select “Reorder widgets” and start pressing and dragging each widget in your desired order. Tap the tick from the top of your screen to finalize the process.

You can update your dashboard’s appearance from “Theme” in the side menu. You can choose the background, the widget background opacity, and the fonts.

You can also change the structure of the widgets from the “Layout” setting, and you can choose the background from under “Backgrounds”.

You can activate the options that you want to be able to access on the dashboard from the “Collections” tab.

When your dashboard is all nice and set, you’re going to be able to start streaming after you make sure that both Chromecast and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network. Have fun!

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