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Google’s New Style Ideas Image Search Tool Boosts Your Phone’s Search Style IQ


After “Similar Items” went live, Google’s new image search feature will “help you boost your search style IQ”.

Google has been rolling out some updates to its Image Search platform on mobile devices, and the newest addition will include tools to ease fashion research and coordinating outfits.

The company has announced a brand new feature within Google image search to find “style ideas”.  The feature will work based on your previous image searches for various articles.

The new tools work in conjunction with the “Similar Items” changes that rolled out a few days ago. The feature provides links to more consumer items when looking at a product’s image. It’s quite similar to Google Shopping. “Similar Items” is based on identifying the items from a certain image and then providing you with similar matches. Let’s say you’re searching for a pair of cool sunglasses, but you adore the shoes that the model is wearing in the photo; you’ll be able to see what they might be. Of course, the feature isn’t going to be always right, but it’s worth the shot.

The latest “Style Ideas” is going to compliment this feature. When you search for that bag or that great jacket you fancy so much, besides the fact that you’re going to be shown more similar items, you’re also going to see more examples of that particular item in use. You can check out what that hat would look like paired with a cute belt. This feature might not be the biggest hit for all users, but if you’re into fashion or if you’re simply looking for more new outfits, you’ll find it very useful and sleek.

The latest trend for commercialization in Google’s image search still continues, and maybe someday, it will totally get to replace the manual research for future purchases.

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