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Moto Z2 Force and Moto E4 Plus Details Continue to Leak


As Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force and Moto E4 Plus details have leaked again, fans can enjoy more info on their features.

Motorola continues to leak more details on its upcoming devices. A couple of days ago, we learnt about the Moto C, Motorola’s new low-end lineup and then some pictures of the new phone came to shore alongside some images of the upcoming Moto Z2 Force. The leaking didn’t end there, as 3D renders for both the Moto E4 Plus and the Z2 Force have also leaked.

There’s not much to see related to the Z2 Force, as we have already seen some pictures showing that the phone hasn’t suffered any major design changes. It seems to keep full compatibility with the Moto Mods. On the other hand, this new device is going to be a bit thinner (5.99mm) than 2016’s Moto Z Force (7mm).

The interesting change comes from the headphone jack on the new device and this is a novelty because last year’s Moto Z and Z Force didn’t feature one. That was definitely a minus, and it’s great that Motorola has brought the feature back for its users to enjoy. According to the Android Authority, the final version of the device will boast a Lenovo logo on its side just as shown in the previous leak.

The newest Moto E4 looks quite similar to the regular Moto E4 and there’s not much more to see yet except maybe for the fingernail groove from the bottom corner. This translates in the possibility of replacing the back plates with more ease. There will be a Lenovo logo on the side in this case too.

Motorola has enjoyed a lot of success at the lower end of the smartphone tablet, and it seems that things are going to remain the same in the future.

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