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iPad Pro 2 to Replace the MacBook Air?


Have a close look at the leaked details of the next-gen iPad Pro 2.

According to a few notable sources, the iPad Pro 2 will feature a bezel-free chassis and it will sport powerful specs. Some even say that it can replace the MacBook Air. Let’s dive deeper into the iPad Pro 2 features and sort things out.

Specs & Features

The next iPad Pro 2 is going to have quite a major overhaul and the tablet will feature a new design. Apple is going to release an iPad Pro with a whole new chassis this year. The device is going to be a folding one and it will boast a bezel-free design.

The next-gen iPad Pro 2 will also feature a Touch Bar. This function is a new concept for the iPad Pro 2, if it’s truly going to materialize, and it will add great functionality to the device, compared to the conventional tablet.

Tech analysts from MacWorld doubt that the product is going to be as compelling as expected with these features in tow. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be released at the same time as the 12.9-inch model and its exclusive design will definitely match a powerful chipset – A10x.

Replacing the MacBook Air?

According to a few resources, the iPad Pro 2 features and specs are going to be able to battle the ones of the MacBook Air. The current 12.9-inch model with the Apple Pencil and keyboard is priced like a laptop, and the redesigned iPad Pro 2 will probably reposition the tablet segment. Apple is going to market its new flagship by aiming at the professionals. On the other hand, NY Mag has reported that the device’s leaked specs aren’t exactly representing Apple’s tradition and culture.

The latest iPad Pro 2 is expected to be released sometime in May or June, so Apple enthusiasts have to wait a bit longer.

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