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Leak Shows Apple Is Having Issues


Recently, both Bloomberg and Ming-Chi Kuo, the reputed Apple analyst, reported that Apple has been confronting with some technical issues, and this in turn may lead to the delay of the release of their 2017 flagship device. Now a third source comes to confirm this, and we refer to Nikkei, which is the largest financial newspaper in the world.

What Does the Report Say?

According to this new source, the production for the new iPhone, which also marks the 10th anniversary of this brand, is encountering some serious difficulties. From what we gathered until now, the suppliers are trying hard to finish up essential components of the device, such as the display, the wireless charging technology, plus the printed circuit boards.

Nikkei also reported that Samsung is having trouble with fulfilling the supply of OLED panels for Apple’s new flagship device. Meanwhile, Arthur Liao from Fubon Securities also declared that Apple is attempting to find a solution for the overheating problem with the wireless modules. Sean Kao from IDC adds that there are some problems with the circuit boards produced in mass.

But There Are Some Good News Too

Kao also said that the problems with the production stem from the fact that the design they conceived was made for a smaller printed circuit board, and thus it can’t allow a much more powerful battery.

Moreover, there are some other reports that show Apple also relies on a Plan B. All the sources said that Apple would rather delay the release date than compromise on the quality. And of course, most fans are okay with this, since everybody wants a quality product. Nikkei showed that the delay may even reach too months, which would mean that the new phone would be released quite close to Christmas.

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