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Clash of Clans Tips to Destroy A Town Hall Level 11


For those of you who don’t know about it, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile strategy games, preferred both by iOS and Android users. Given that this game is huge, there are lots of strategy tips and tricks that can help you through the gameplay. Today we are going to offer you some tips for destroying a town hall level 11 village. Read on if you want to know more about this in-game step! Also, with this strategy, you can get three stars if you use one of the two combos below.

Bowler-Healer Combo

This special combo relies on 30 bowlers and 6-8 healers. The exact number of healers will be found out through practice, since you have to see how many you actually need in order to keep the bowlers alive. It’s a simple tactic!

You just have to take down the outer defenses and buildings by using a rage, jump and freeze spell. After you clear the corners, drop whatever bowlers you have left behind a couple of giants. You should also drop the heroes together with them. Remember that you can at any point drop extra healers in case you need them.

Bowler-Witch Combo

It’s not a common used combo, but it seems that it’s fun to use. It’s quite similar to the one we described above, except that this one will not make you waste so many bowlers. The trick here is to use the skeletons you have from witches in order to tank most damage and also to keep your bowlers alive. Moreover, you can also use some giants or a golem to protect your bowlers, thus letting the skeletons absorb the damage.

Good luck whichever combo you choose to use and remember to spread the word to help other players too!

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