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LG G4 Overheating Issues And Some Quick Fixes To Get Them Up And Running In No Time


You might have bought the LG G4 without knowing how to troubleshoot it when you encounter overheating issues. Well, good thing because you can now fix it yourself. Here are some of the methods to fix the issue of overheating with your LG G4 device.


Restarting Your Device

Sometimes, you just have to allow it to stop and rest. You can do this by letting it cool off by pressing and holding the Power button and then tap Restart. Doing this will reboot your device, which allows you if it is still overheating.

Turn Off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi

If the first option wouldn’t work, then you have to consider turning off unnecessary wireless connectivity in your device. This is because they have a direct impact on how hot your battery can be, which can be the main factor causing your device to overheat.

Reduce The Brightness

When your screen is too bright, you can end up overheating your device. This is because the background lighting can drain the battery so quickly. You simply have to adjust the brightness level by going to Settings -> Apps -> Settings -> Display. You will then be able to find the option to reduce its brightness.

Close Apps Running At The Background

One of the reasons causing your battery to drain fast is having some apps running in the background. These are the main causes of overheating for your LG G4. You will be able to close the apps by tapping the Recent apps button, then you have to tap and drag the apps you want to close either left or right. You can also tap the Clear all option in order to close all background apps.

Disable The Bloatware On LG G4

Needless to say, manufacturers including LG would load their new phones with apps that you hardly even use. The problem is that you can’t uninstall them, but only to disable them is your best option here. Simply go to Settings -> Application Manager. You need to find the app you want to activate from the All tab. Then, you need to tap on it and click the Disable button.

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