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Put a Ring on It: What to Do When Your iPhone Is Not Ringing


Smartphones, no matter how solidly built like the iPhones, experience glitches every now and then. One worrisome example is when your iPhone is not ringing. That’s clearly a grave issue because you’ll miss out on important calls. How do you solve this problem?


So, what to do when your iPhone is not ringing?

Don’t panic. Instead, examine if your iPhone has been turned to silent. Look at its side and an orange stripe showing on the ringer button indicates that the phone is set to mute. Flip the switch off and adjust the volume accordingly.

Is your iPhone on Do Not Disturb mode? Shown as a moon icon on your screen, you won’t receive any calls and other alerts (the screen won’t light up when it is locked). It’s a useful setting when you are in an important meeting but be sure to turn it off or tweak it by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb.

The friend who tried to call you but said you won’t pick up should be able to contact you unless he or she is on your blocked list, right? To check, go to Settings, then Phone, and go to Call Blocking & Identification. From here, you can unblock that friend’s number.

Speaking of that friend, have you assigned him or her a custom ringtone? That ringtone might be corrupted and cause your iPhone to not ring. Head out to Settings, tap Sounds, select Ringtone to change the specific ringtone.

It never hurts to check your iPhone settings.

Doing any of the above steps is precautionary and might save you dollars and a trip to the nearest service center. Lastly, turn off your iPhone and turn it on – it remains one of the most foolproof solutions to bring your phone back to working order.

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