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Is Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Charging? Here’s what you can do


Quite a few possible reasons can be the root cause as to why your Samsung Galaxy S6 is not charging when you plug it in.


Why Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Not Charging

There are times when your screen just turns black when you plug your charger in. This could possibly be a troubleshooting issue.

At times, it could be that the battery itself is the culprit. Since this is one of the brand’s flagship model that doesn’t have a removable battery, this usually requires the owner to have it fixed at a service center.

Also, the reason why this happens could also have to do with the port or the entire hardware itself is the source. If ever you see your Samsung Galaxy S6 not working, you can try and assess the situation itself before you take extraordinary measures to fix it.

Don’t Panic. Here’s What You Can Do

Oftentimes, the solution lies in your phone’s hardware and accessories. Whenever this is the case, the way to fix it is actually simple.

  1. Clean your phone’s charging port. You can do this by blowing into it with the use of a straw.
  2. Switch charging cords. It could be that your cord is loose or unclean.
  3. Do a simulated battery pull. Press your phone’s volume down key and power key for a few seconds and wait for it to automatically restart.

If these things won’t work at all, perhaps it’s time for you to seek expert solutions through accredited Samsung service centers.

While it’s normal for mobile users to feel a slight panic whenever their Samsung Galaxy S6 is not charging, it doesn’t always mean that it’s already the end of your beloved Android device. If you know what to do, there’s no need to panic at all.

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