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LG G5 Overheating: Solutions, Tips, and How-tos on This Smartphone Issue


LG G5 has its good points: a fast processor, a removable battery, and an overall good battery life. But it’s not immune to one common problem besetting today’s smartphone users: overheating. In this article, we’ll explore how you can fix your LG G5’s overheating problem.


LG G5 and Causes of It Overheating

Fiddling with your LG G5 can generate heat itself, as with any electronic devices when in use. But your phone’s temperature can go from normal to high, depending on how you were using it.

Applications consume your battery even while in in the background and their battery usage contributes to overheating.

Using your LG G5 while charging it from a power source or using a power bank emit twice the amount of heat.

More so when you do tasks that consume a lot of power such as streaming movies and playing games. These actions that last hours can easily overheat any smartphone even with a powerful processor like LG G5.

Plan of Action

The tell-tale signs of overheating are freezing, ghosting and slowing down.

To fix this issue, turn off your phone and wait for a few seconds before restarting it.

Another way is to manage your apps better. Delete any apps that are hardly used but eating at your phone’s battery one way or another.

For apps that run in the background, tap your phone’s square button to launch its recent applications menu. Close running apps by swiping it to the right. You can also use your phone in safe mode to determine if one particular app is causing this trouble.

It’s also wise to reduce the screen brightness of your phone. Moreover, switch your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, or GPS off when not in use.

Remember these tips in troubleshooting your LG G5. As much as possible, leave the tinkering of your phone’s external parts to authorized personnel to avoid damaging the unit further.

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