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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs. Galaxy A7 2017 – Multitasking, Secure Folder and Other Top Features


A few months have passed since Samsung has released its Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy A7 2017 devices. Today we will talk about some of the top features that these two devices come with.


As you already know, the two handsets run on Android Nougat, which means that you are able to use the multitasking feature. In order to open two applications using this feature just long-press the “recents menu” and select the apps.

Secure Folder

Now you have a secure folder option on your Galaxy A5 2017 or Galaxy A7 2017. This option can be accessed via the “Advanced” features and it allows you to create a lock for a specific picture or document.

To lock a document or picture just open it, tap on the three dot menu and select “Move to secure folder.”

Quick Camera Launch

This feature will be welcomed by most of the owners of the Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy A7 2017. In order to open the camera application on any of the mentioned devices just tap twice on the home button. This is awesome, especially when you want to immortalize a moment very fast.

Wide Angled Selfie

Sometimes it is quite hard to fit all your friends in a selfie picture. Well, don’t worry, because the two smartphones come with a “wide angled selfie” feature, which will allow you to gather all your party friends in a single selfie picture without any problems.

Notification Reminder

There are many users out there who are not reading their notifications. Most of the time, they just ignore a notification when they receive it, saying in their mind that they will read it later. Well, sometimes they just simply forget about it and this is the reason why the “Notification Reminder” feature will come in handy. You are able to set reminders for unread notifications in order to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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