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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs. Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Display, Design, RAM and CPU


Samsung vs. Apple is a battle that has been carried since long time ago. And we see this happening with every new device that gets released by either of the companies. Let’s see how the Samsung Galaxy S8+ stacks against the iPhone 7 Plus model and what advantages has each of them!

Which One Looks Better?

When it comes to design, the one chosen by Apple for the iPhone 7 Plus looks a little bit outdated, or at least in comparison to the new Galaxy S8+ shiny feel. Samsung recently introduced the trimmed bezels, besides the curved display, while Apple remained loyal to their iconic design. Winner here: Samsung.


Samsung endowed the S8+ model with a WQHD+ display, measuring 6.2 inches across and offering a 2960×1440 pixels resolution. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 Plus went for the standard 5.5 inches size, paired with an IPS-LCD screen and a 1080 pixels resolution. However, with the Samsung device you can adjust the size of the display.


Regarding the internal components, you have to know that the Galaxy S8+ runs on the latest version of the CPU, Snapdragon 835, or the Exynos 8895, depending on the country. Meanwhile, Apple comes together with the A10 chipset on their new device. Both have 4 GB RAM, but since the Samsung UX is heavier than the iOS one, the power does not mean it performs better. And this is true, since when it comes to hard graphics tasks, Samsung does not perform as well as Apple.

Internal Storage

Samsung starts its offer with 64 GB internal memory, which you can expand with the help of a microSD card, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus model comes with a range of options between 32 and 256 GB to choose from, which you cannot expand.

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