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Switch Is Now Nintendo’s Best Sold Console


It’s no secret that everyone loved Nintendo’s Switch console from the get-go due to its innovative design and top-notch features. And now, as per the sales numbers announced by Nintendo regarding its newest console, it seems that the device has become the Japanese company’s best sold yet. What is even more impressive is that the console manage to achieve such high sales numbers in the month of March, a month that is traditionally not the peak of console sales whatsoever.

Legend of Zelda Outsells Console

When Nintendo launched Switch, it also accompanied it with the launch of a very much expected installment in the Zelda series. However, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild managed to outsell the console. The game was sold in 1.3 million copies. Out of these 1.3 million copies, 925.000 were sold for the Switch console, while the rest of 460.000 went towards the Wii U.

Thus, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild became the best sold game through a Nintendo console launch ever. However, as previously mentioned, the Switch console’s sales are also through the roof right now. Nintendo are trying their best to keep up a balance between supply and demand, but consoles are literally flying off the shelves. In fact, we’re betting that your local tech store is currently sold out on Switch consoles, and once the stock gets replenished, it will be sold out again in a matter of days or hours sometimes.

However, for those that managed to get their hands on the sought-after Switch console, the benefits are many. The console is a state of the art gaming device that is worth every penny due to the high quality gaming experience it provides users with. Do you own a Nintendo Switch? If you do, are you satisfied with it? Don’t be shy; let us know. We love hearing your opinions.

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