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Microsoft Will Soon Unveil the New Xbox Scorpio at E3 2017


One thing’s for sure: Microsoft sure knows how to build up the suspense around their most exciting launches. Last week’s so-called presentation of the new Xbox Scorpio was in fact a mere reveal of its hardware specs and nothing more. And while this sort of dosed and contained info reveals will surely keep fans on their toes and ready to come back for more, many were also very disappointed that the reveal was so meager.

Games, Games, Games

It’s not hard to imagine what Xbox fans wanted to find out regarding the new Scorpio console: the games it will support and how these will pan out on screen in terms of resolution, dynamic properties and overall gameplay quality. Certainly Microsoft knows that this is the question on everyone’s lips, and the company has promised to satisfy everyone’s top curiosity regarding the Xbox Scorpio very, very soon.

As per an announcement made by Phil Spencer, the new Xbox Scorpio will be properly revealed and presented at E3 2017 in the month of June. Until then, fans can rejoice knowing that the first true 4K console in the world will soon be at their fingertips. On top of that, many Xbox One exclusive games launching this year are said to work even better on Xbox Scorpio, so we’ve also got all our gaming bases covered for now.

All in all, the Xbox Scorpio is one of the most exciting console launches so far. Microsoft truly knows how to market their products well, and if the product itself will prove to be as impressive as we’ve all started to believe, then it’s most certainly worth the wait. Who knows, maybe June 2017 will go down in gaming history as the day when the world’s best console was launched. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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