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These Places are in the Running as Prime Locations for Fallout 5


There remains very little news about the development of Fallout 5. At this stage, Bethesda could go in a completely different direction and launch an entirely new game. Then again, the developers behind it have been known to take their sweet time when coming up with the next addition to this post-apocalyptic role-playing game series.

It’s never a dull wait though as gaming forums are rife with talk about how Fallout 5 should be. One particularly interesting topic of discussion is the location for the new game. From Reddit to the actual community thread, people are eagerly putting forward suggestions for the next locale the Sole Survivor (or whatever the main character will be) to visit.

I’ve made a list of the emerging favorites.


New Orleans

Nestled in the American South, New Orleans is a prime choice for many gamers because of its rich history. The Louisiana swampland post-apocalypse could be a fantastic place to explore.

It’s worth mentioning that a trademark application for ‘Fallout New Orleans’ was filed to the EU Intellectual Property Office in 2016. Then again, the franchise has visited swampy environments previous games so it’s still very much ‘wait and see’.


The largest city in the state of Illinois is another fan favorite. Its checkered past, highlighted by gangs, gambling, and the mafia could make for an interesting storyline.

Players of the spinoff game Fallout: Tactics get to pay a brief visit to the home of deep dish pizza.  In New Vegas, ED-E hints at Enclave outposts in Chicago.

Heading to Europe

We could also be looking across the pond for the next Fallout location. In the run-up to E3 2018, Bethesda tweeted an image of Big Ben, alongside what appears to be a teaser for Rage 2 and Starfield.  Could this refer to a London setting for Fallout 5?

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