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Perspective On Iraq War Coverage

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Media, War

Michael Fumento takes a look at Iraq war coverage and think it’s extremely slanted to favor the bad news. Why? Because he was there. As it happens, I did go to Iraq. I was embedded with the Marines at Camp Fallujah in hostile Anbar province, nearly lost my life, and returned with a colostomy bag […]

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Jumping To Partisan Conclusions

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging, Dumb Things Said By Smart People, Kitchen Sink, War

When I first read this story about a flag burning incident involving a family’s tribute to their fallen soldier son, my gut told me that it would be blamed on liberals. Regrettably, I didn’t have to wait long to find out I was correct. The most popular blog I found that indulged in the “whodunit” […]

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The Moderates Cometh

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, General Politics

Here we go. Traditional conservatives (and liberals like Hillary) are pulling towards the center as the mid-terms of 2006 draw closer and the runway to 2008 gets shorter. This particular op-ed piece comes from the NY Times and concerns itself with conservatives across the spectruym like Bill Frist, George Pataki, Mitt Romney, John McCain and […]

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The Many Criticisms Of Jimmy Carter

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Carter spoke out the other day and the blogosphere has been abuzz with talk against the former President. The Moderate Voice has a good roundup and this personal clip: I was in Spain as Special Correspondent of the Christian Science Monitor when he was elected President. My father wrote me (pre-email days) that “no one […]

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Bush @ 44%

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These are just polls, but we need to have a leader who’s representative of the people. Gallup has more: PRINCETON, NJ — A new Gallup Poll finds a decline in George W. Bush’s job approval rating. After standing at 49% approval in the prior two CNN/USA Today/Gallup polls conducted this month, now just 44% of […]

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Musharraf To Foreign Students In Madrassas: Go Away!!!

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in The War On Terrorism, The World

This is telling. From the BBC: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf says all foreign students at madrassas, or religious schools, some 1,400 pupils, must leave the country. “Any (foreigners) in the madrassas – even dual nationality holders – will leave Pakistan,” Gen Musharraf said. This is the latest in a series of measures the president has […]

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Global Rich List

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy, Social Programs, The World

A new calculator/shaming device has been launched to show people how much they make when compared to the rest of the world’s population. Basically, the Global Rich List is a way to get you to donate money to CARE International. If after reading this you want to donate just one hour’s salary to fight global […]

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The Opposite of “Support”

By Callimachus | Related entries in Media

… is no longer “oppose.” I’m interested in the choice of words in this lede from an article in the “St. Louis Post-Dispatch”: WASHINGTON â€â€? The administration’s talk about sharply reducing the number of American troops in Iraq starting as early as next spring gets a strong endorsement from military experts, both those who support […]

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Just Another Day

By Callimachus | Related entries in Blogging, Media, The War On Terrorism, War

Smith, deployed near Kirkuk with his National Guard unit, reports on another day in the sandbox. We searched around 12 villages, some as large as 8,000 people. We cordoned them off and searched each and every house. We found LOTS of stuff. I’m sure we have prevented countless deaths throughout the country. We blew up […]

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Quick News Hits From All Over

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A roundup of what’s going on yesterday, today and tomorrow. Will changing daylight savings time save energy but mess up the economy? National Geographic writes about it. The Volokh Conspiracy has a good rundown of gun laws of america. Do political opposites attract? That’s what Dean’s World tries to get to the bottom of in […]

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