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Michael Graham Suspended For Comments On Islam

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Apparently the Tancredo effect is being felt around the right-wing mediasphere. This next to liken all of Islam to a terrorist organization is talk show host Michael Graham, who was promptly suspended by his station indefinitely. From the Wash Post: Graham, 42, said on his mid-morning program on Monday that the fault for recent acts […]

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CAFTA Only Passed By One Vote. Here’s How.

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A lot of political manuevering happened towards the end of the day, with the Republicans holding the vote open to pressure fellow colleagues for their vote. It worked, but barely… More on CAFTA, from the NY Times: WASHINGTON, July 28 – It was just before midnight on Wednesday when Representative Robin Hayes capitulated. Mr. Hayes, […]

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Frist Breaks Ranks To Support Stem Cell Bill

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The Senate majority leader is reaching out to the center of the aisle, aka Donklephant readers. Good for him. More on stem cells from the NY Times: “While human embryonic stem cell research is still at a very early stage, the limitations put in place in 2001 will, over time, slow our ability to bring […]

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Gonna Kick Tomorrow

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The EPA has released its annual report on vehicle fuel efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency said in its annual findings that the estimated average fuel economy for 2005 model year vehicles was 21 miles per gallon, a fleet-wide average that increased 0.2 mpg from the previous year. It was 5 percent below the peak of […]

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Defense Bill Shelved Amid Torture Amendment Controversy

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Senate Republicans tried to vote for cloture, which would have essentially killed McCain and Graham’s “torture limit” amendments. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. From The Washington Times: Senate Republican leaders pulled the plug on the defense bill yesterday, rather than face a host of votes on base closings, veterans benefits and the administration’s detainee policy that […]

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Because It Can’t Be Said Often Enough

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Here’s Olivier Roy saying it again: Conflicts in the Middle East have a tremendous impact on Muslim public opinion worldwide. In justifying its terrorist attacks by referring to Iraq, Al Qaeda is looking for popularity or at least legitimacy among Muslims. But many of the terrorist group’s statements, actions and non-actions indicate that this is […]

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Powerline + Bush + Kyoto Alternative = Icky Partisan Love

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This is…oh, just read… It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can’t get anyone to notice. He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when […]

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Worth 1,000 Words

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So how are we doing in Iraq? What are those tens of thousands of our sons and daughters, brothers and wives, doing in that distant land? We went there to help build freedom and make the world safer for all. What’s the progress report? I checked the Associated Press photo wire today to get an […]

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Situation In Zimbabwe Worsens

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I sincerely wish more people were writing about this. Our voices can sometimes be the loudest and if we only got more behind stories like this, maybe we could actually affect some change. From the AP: HARARE, Zimbabwe – Riot police turned an urban township into a ghost town Wednesday, rounding up the last residents […]

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Ten Days For Missing Pregnant Black Woman To Hit MSM?

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Hmm… In The Agora has a very interesting post about race and media coverage. They basically point out that it took the main stream media an amazingly long time to report on the disappearance of a pregnant black woman. They then pose the question “What if she were white?” Considering the hysteria surrounding the case […]

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