Tony Blair Steps Down As Prime Minister

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Not unexpected and he even talks about Iraq.

Guardian has more:

In an emotional 17-minute speech, he said the judgment on his 10-year administration was “for you, the people, to make”. Mr Blair paid special tribute to his wife and children “who never let me forget my failings”.

But he concluded: “Hand on heart, I did what I thought was right. I may have been wrong – that’s your call. But I did what I thought was right for our country.

“This country is a blessed country. The British are special. The world knows it, we know it, this is the greatest country on earth.”

He dealt directly with Iraq, many people’s perception as his ultimate legacy, saying: “The blowback since … has been fierce, unrelenting and costly.”

But he insisted: “The terrorists will never give up if we give up.”

Note he says blowback. That’s a very specific word, and I think Blair uses it intentionally. Perhaps a signal to the US and Bush that our tactics in the WoT are breeding more terrorists, not fewer? Perhaps a suggestion that our leadership should change their course and fight terrorists in smart, surgical ways?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

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One Response to “Tony Blair Steps Down As Prime Minister”

  1. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    Perhaps a signal to the US and Bush that our tactics in the WoT are breeding more terrorists, not fewer?

    Alas, the old, “recative life-form” theory: Though it is incumbent upon white people and Jews to restrain themselves after being attacked by terrorists, and to collectively avoid a backlash against Arabs and muslims; we as educated citizens must understand that Arabs and muslims do not have this self-controlling ability and we must expect the otherwise peaceful and liberty-loving Arab to instinctively and instantaneously metamorphasize into violent radicals who kill indiscriminantly, simply because they watch on televison that America has toughened up its immigration and survailence policies, or they observe an American military intervention specifically targetting terrorists or removing a secular fascist dictator that the majority of Muslims and Arabs hated anyway.

    They are what Tim Blair sarcastically calls, “terrorist forming insects” biologically incapable of the basic human decency to temper their emotions, think rationally, and make moral choices. Therefore it is We who must change our policies, no matter how reasonable or righteous our intentions, because in practicality we as educated Westerners are required to have such low expectations for the poor Arab and the Muslim, as well as other dark-skinned denizens of third-world countries.

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