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CNN/YouTube Debate Rescheduled?

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Giuliani and Romney are balking at the talking snowmen by saying that scheduling conflicts and the format were issues. So CNN is now saying, “Okay, what time works for you?” The GOP version of the CNN/YouTube debate is still scheduled for Sept. 17, but may be moved to a later date. CNN spokeswoman Mara Gassman […]

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The Old Breed. The New Breed.

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The unfolding Scott Thomas saga as I understand it… Scott Thomas Beauchamp is an aspiring writer, serving in the infantry in Iraq, writing in diary form about observing and participating in macabre and cruel behavior during his active service. His pseudonymous work was polished and published by The New Republic, igniting a sh*t-storm in the […]

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Moved & Upgraded

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That’s right. The site should be live on the new software and hosting service, but please report any weird stuff if you find it. Thanks! Tweet

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Losing Wars, Winning War.

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The author of the Jihadist’s Bible recants. Zawahiri is angry and worried. The Pew poll shows sharp decline in Muslim support for suicide bombing. In Pakistan the number has gone from 33% in 2002 to 9% today. There may be a split within Al Qaeda, even within their Pakistani tribal regions stronghold. Sunnis in Anbar […]

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Site May Be Down Today And Tomorrow

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We’re trying to move from one hosting service to another, so please excuse the downtime. We’ll be back up as soon as we can. Thanks! Tweet

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Redistricting update

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in Elections, Ideas, News

In Wednesday’s post about a new redistricting algorithm, I focused on the technical specifics of the proposed method, and the pros and cons that made it different from previous proposals. I deliberately avoided delving into all the standing arguments about how best to draw districts, largely because I’ve discussed them in tedious detail before. But […]

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Republican Candidates Balking At YouTube Debate

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And you can bet that unless the format changes dramatically, it’s not going to happen. Apparently it’s not dignified enough for them and they think it’ll have a heavy liberal bias. Hmmm… At issue are questions like the one asked by the snowman. That one in particular is being held up as a prime example […]

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Is Ron Paul Good For Libertarians?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics

The most clueless question of the day ironically comes from Reason magazine… This past Sunday he hit a political respectability jackpot, with a long, thorough, serious, and critical-but-respectful profile in the New York Times Magazine. Most of the Ron Paul press tells, however questioningly, of a politician dedicated to severely limited government that doesn’t want […]

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Tom DeLay On Why He Supports Israel

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I don’t usually link to content from the Huffington Post, but you have to see this piece about the Christians United For Israel conference. These people want Armageddon, as DeLay plainly states in this video, and Israel is the lynchpin. So their support for Israel is pretty much solely predicated on the fact that Israel […]

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Spitzer’s Plamegate

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in Bad Decisions, General Politics, News

A man I like a lot — Democratic New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer — is in the middle of his own version of Plamegate, complete with accusations that he sought to discredit a political rival by misusing government resources, and Spitzer’s vow to claim a state version of executive privilege in the burgeoning confrontation with […]

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