An Eye-Witness Report on Texas Voting

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Texas

Yesterday, I went to the polls here in Texas. I gave myself twenty minutes to vote, twice as much time as it usually takes at the local early voting location. Almost an hour later, I finally cast my ballot.

The Republican and Democratic voters all waited in the same line but you could tell who was who based on which of the two sample ballots people were studying and debating amongst themselves (“Who are we supposed to support for county commissioner?”). All but a handful of voters appeared to be Democrats, not surprising given the excitement of the presidential race but I didn’t even know my highly Republican area even had that many Democrats.

I contemplated doing what other independents have done and voting in the Democratic primary for Barack Obama, not because I’m in love with his policies but because I really, really think the country would be better off without the Clintons back in the White House. Of course, all my friends and family are already going for Obama and I figured someone needed to make sure John McCain wasn’t embarrassed in Texas. So, for the first time in my life (and this will surprise those of you who don’t yet know me well) I voted in the Republican primary.

My local polling place didn’t give many clues as to which Democrat will win Texas. But I can report that even here in this deep-red San Antonio neighborhood, the Democrats are energized. Most everyone seemed excited to be waiting an hour, as if they were handing out 100 dollar bills at the end of the line. If this tiny sampling is at all indicative of the level of mobilization throughout the nation, McCain is going to have a tough road this November.

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6 Responses to “An Eye-Witness Report on Texas Voting”

  1. michael reynolds Says:

    Two other interesting indicators: the Dems are ass-deep in money. (Did you ever think you’d see the day when Democrats had not just more campaign money, but a lot more?) And everywhere you go online you see Republicans attacking Obama, but never, it seems, supporting McCain. Elections aren’t won on negatives alone.

  2. Elisabetta Says:

    Why wouldn’t the dems be excited? Clinton and Obama may differ in their approaches but they support the SAME identical ideologies.

    On the contrary many conservatives are disillusioned with McCain because he’s more interested in pleasing liberals, in what he calls, “reaching across the aisle.”

    Point me to a liberal that would extend the same courtesy to conservatives. There is none. When democrats talk of “compromise” they expect conservatives to do it all.

  3. Scott Says:

    I hope that President Obama will be answering the White House phone next year!

  4. michael reynolds Says:

    Actually, GOP Senators have praised Hillary for doing exactly that.

  5. TerenceC Says:


    Can you name me one piece of legislation in the last 7.3 years that was built on compromise? Both the Dem’s and the Rep’s are the same party – their only level of differentiation is how far they need to take the show so it looks believalble to the rest of us. The two parties should just merge and call the new party “The Ins” – all the rest of us can form another party called “The out’s” – that’s the reality of the situation Lizzy.

    There are no compromises because they don’t need to compromise, it’s in all their best interests to provide political cover for eachother……. that’s what they do. If someone get’s elected who actually wants to do something the “system” either grinds those edges off, or the person is riled against and the “machine” ensures they are out of office the next election.

    It’s a process that combines big money, big business, big lobbyists, large campaign contributions, and your elected officials. They are all on the same team and the electorate (you and I) are the opposition. So please wake up and don’t play partisan politics – you play right into “their” hands and it’s right where “they” want you. God forbid you start to ask questions, think for yourself, and vote because that’s the real threat to them.

  6. Elisabetta Says:


    aside from verbal expression what did she compromise? Hillary is not conservative-friendly.

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