Why Is McCain Employing A Swift Boater As A Surrogate?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, History, McCain, Military, Republicans

This is an interesting catch by TPM, especially in light of Wes Clark’s major gaffe over the weekend.

Seems as if the McCain camp has recently rolled out a new surrogate by the name of Bud Day…the same Bud Day who was in the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth commercials.

So the question now…why employ this guy? Doesn’t McCain have access to dozens of other folks who could be very steady and able surrogates who could defend his military record? And doesn’t this sort of undermine any criticism the McCain camp would have against people like Clark, who didn’t come anywhere close to what the Swift Boaters did?

Obviously, this is an extremely odd move on the part of McCain’s camp because the senator earned a lot of “maverick” respect by coming out against the attacks on Kerry.

Again, why this guy?

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5 Responses to “Why Is McCain Employing A Swift Boater As A Surrogate?”

  1. Pdx632 Says:

    Because McCain is NO different than any other politician, he will do WHATEVER is necessary to win an election, no matter how vile.

  2. Bill Dupray Says:

    Go to about 4:50 on the video on this post


    and see who Bud Day is. Hint, 6 year POW, Medal of Honor Recipient, American Hero.

    and this one for
    http://patriotroom.com/?p=281 why Day will be forever indebted to McCain.

  3. Justin Gardner Says:

    @Bill Dupray – I read the Wikipedia entry on him before I posted this. I’m not questioning the man’s service, but I am questioning his effectiveness as a surrogate for McCain’s campaign since he was involved in the questioning of Kerry’s service in 2004…which McCain roundly denounced. This seems like a very odd move by McCain, and it has nothing to do with what type of patriot Bud Day is or what McCain owes him.

  4. Pdx632 Says:

    Let’s face it. If you are a Democratic veteran, you service to our country means nothing and if you are a Republican veteran, you service cannot be questioned.

  5. Political Irony › McCain - what is he hiding about his military record? Says:

    [...] himself attacked immediately, trotting out a number of retired military men – including Bud Day, one of the original Swift Boat veterans – to condemn Clark’s comments. As you might recall, the Swift Boat veterans were a 527 [...]

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