Obama Raises $52 Million In June

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Obviously this is big news, and it nearly matches the record breaking $55 million he raised in February. Also, McCain raised $22 million in June, so Obama is obviously running circles around the Arizona senator when it comes to fundraising.

However, when you look at how much the McCain camp and the RNC has combined, you’ll understand why Obama opted out of public financing for the general.

Obama’s money + DNC’s money = $72 million

McCain’s money + RNC’s money = $95 million

So the money situation actually doesn’t favor Obama right now. That may all change during the general election, but for now McCain has the upper hand.

Hmmm…Talking Points Memo has different numbers that don’t put the Dems very far behind the Repubs…

The Democratic National Committee raised $22, 481,194 in June, spokesperson Karen Finney says.

The DNC’s cash on hand total $20, 306,056.

That puts the total combined Obama and DNC cash in the bank at over $92 million — very competitive with the GOP/McCain total of nearly $100 million.

From a $23 million dollar deficit to an $8 million dollar deficit?

Who’s right?

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4 Responses to “Obama Raises $52 Million In June”

  1. kranky kritter Says:

    Well the snapshot view may be in question.

    But if Obama continues to out-fundraise McCain by 50-20 for July, August, September, and October, that obvious projects out to Obama having a lot more money available to his campaign than McCain over the course of the remainder of the campaign.

    Unless the RNC can best the DNC by 30 million per month. Which they won’t.

  2. Gina Says:

    How about if we elect a President the old fashioned way, through fair and honest elections, based upon the candidate’s actual patriotism, experience, judgement, and service to country … instead of who is more of a showman, or who can raise more money … and therefore buy the Presidency … (like Barack Obama did in the primaries), and is trying to do in the general election.

  3. Donklephant » Blog Archive » McCain Raises $27M In July Says:

    [...] with cash, so Obama was looking at tough climb to reach parity with the Republicans…as noted in my previous post about his June haul… Obama’s money + DNC’s money = $72 [...]

  4. mike mcEachran Says:

    Gina, there’s never been a good ‘ole days. Politics has been about money, power, and dirty tricks ever since GW left. I’m not an apologist, but the good ole’ days weren’t always good (to quote Billy).

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