Rasmussen: McCain Up By 1, Tied

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With leaners
McCain – 47%
Obama – 46%

Without leaners
Obama – 44%
McCain – 44%

McCain edges up one and this is significant since he hasn’t really been above the 45% mark for a while in the “with leaners” numbers. So now this is two straight days, which could position him well for sustaining any type of bump he gets from his Veep announcement and the Republican’s convention.

What’s more, this is even more evidence that Biden has not helped Obama in the short term polling, although Hillary’s speech last night could sway folks that a vote for McCain would be a vote against her.

Also, with Bill Clinton set to speak tonight, Rasmussen shares some intriguing numbers…

Clinton is viewed Very Favorably by just 46% of Democrats while 62% are that enthusiastic about Obama. One factor may be that just 52% of Democrats believe Bill Clinton wants Barack Obama to win the White House in November.

Does Bill Clinton want Obama to win? Deep down I bet he does, but he hasn’t been very enthusiastic about it, and that could ultimately hurt him long term with Dems. I know his antics during this campaign cycle have certainly made me respect him a lot less.

The 5 day w/leaners:
08/27/2008: McCain – 47%, Obama – 46%
08/26/2008: McCain – 46%, Obama – 46%
08/25/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 48%
08/24/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 48%
08/23/2008: McCain – 46%, Obama – 48%

The 5 day w/o leaners:
08/27/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 44%
08/26/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 44%
08/25/2008: McCain – 42%, Obama – 46%
08/24/2008: McCain – 43%, Obama – 46%
08/23/2008: McCain – 42%, Obama – 45%

More tomorrow…

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One Response to “Rasmussen: McCain Up By 1, Tied”

  1. khaki Says:

    Billary wants power. Everything else is a means to that end and it couldn’t be more transparent.

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