Gallup: Obama Up By 6

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Biden, Billary, Conventions, Democrats, Independents, McCain, Polls, Republicans

Obama scores a 5 point bump from yesterday to regain a sizable lead and hit the 48% mark for the first time since his overseas trip.

And, as Gallup notes, these numbers don’t take into account Clinton and Biden’s speeches…

The latest three-day Gallup Poll Daily tracking average (Aug. 25-27) is directly coincident with the first three days of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and is no doubt beginning to reflect the typical convention “bounce” that Gallup has observed in most party conventions in recent decades.

There is a lag of sorts involved in the daily tracking; interviewing is conducted in most parts of the country before that evening’s high-focus speeches have taken place. Thus, the current three-day average would reflect any impact of Monday night’s speech by Michelle Obama, and Tuesday night’s speech by Hillary Clinton, but would not completely reflect Wednesday night’s lineup of speakers, such as John Kerry, former President Bill Clinton, and vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, nor the appearance on stage at the end of the evening by Barack Obama himself.

I am genuinely surprised that Obama has received this much of a bounce from the first couple days of the convention. Still, I guess this is why they do these things, eh?

More tomorrow…

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4 Responses to “Gallup: Obama Up By 6”

  1. pico Says:

    So much for my future career as a political prognosticator; I was sure he’d only see a 2-3 point bounce. Of course, so far the DNC has gone far better than I ever thought it would with key speakers delivering in a big way and everything going off without a hitch. The chaos and drama the MSM was hinting at (hoping for?) never materialized, and as a result of the low expectations, the smoothness with which everything’s been carried out and the class and grace both Clintons have exhibited looks that much better.

  2. mw Says:

    Call it the “Clinton Effect”. Let me here you say it JG – “Thank you Hillary.”

  3. Ed in NJ Says:

    With the MSM carryin McCain’s water, anything less than a 15 point bounce will be reported as a disappointment. I’m guessing Obama will be up by 5 or 6 points on Sunday, and the headlines going into the GOP convention will be “Where is the Obama Convention Bounce?” with articles dissecting how the convention was a failure.

    After the GOP convention, the race will be tied again, and that same MSM will report on the rousing success of their gathering, ignoring the fact that their “bounce” was less than Obama’s.

    Mark it down.

  4. mdgeorge Says:

    Isn’t this about the right time to see effects from the Biden announcement?

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