Gallup: Obama Up By 8

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Biden, Conventions, Democrats, Independents, McCain, Palin, Polls, Republicans

The bump continues, as Obama extends his lead by 2 points today. However, these numbers don’t include his speech last night, which should push these numbers higher.

The details…

Obama’s significant lead over McCain almost certainly reflects the effects of the Democratic National Convention. The two presidential candidates were tied at 45% in the last Gallup Poll Daily tracking results conducted entirely before the convention began. The latest results include interviews from Tuesday through Thursday night, though most of the interviewing was conducted before Obama’s acceptance speech late Thursday.

Gallup has measured the convention bounce for candidates in previous years by comparing the last poll conducted entirely before the convention began with the first poll conducted entirely after the convention concludes. That historical calculation is complicated this year by the intense media focus on McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate on Friday, and the increasing focus on next week’s Republican National Convention.

The big question now: what effect will Palin have on HRC fans? Can she bring them over as this pick is designed to do? Or does she simply undercut McCain’s “experience” message?

More as it develops…

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12 Responses to “Gallup: Obama Up By 8”

  1. mw Says:

    “…Or does she simply undercut McCain’s “experience” message?” – JG

    …Or does she simply undercut Obama’s “judgment over experience” message.

    Apparently you forgot to complete the thought there Justin. Happy to help.

  2. Avinash_Tyagi Says:

    I’m still laughing about McCain’s pick, I was scared that he would pic someone who could hurt Obama, but Palin seems laughable, I mean she’s already in a scandal, less experienced than Obama, not a strong orator, she’s anti-abortion and a creationist, and she won’t appeal to most Hillary supporters, who will probably feel insulted by this obvious pander.

  3. Mary Says:

    I am so happy!!

    I was a Hillary supporter, but after Obama RAPED Hillary in the primaries and slapped her in the face by not selecting her . . .

    I will proudly vote for McCain.

  4. khaki Says:

    Mary – I think you are a fake post.

  5. Mary Says:

    Obama is the fakester – a SEXIST thug.

    Go McCain/Palin!!!

  6. billy Says:

    this puts to rest the “judgement” argument as mcbush obviously has none. no woman in her right mind will vote for an anti choice religious bigot. mcbush’s poll numbers will go south as the country digests obamas home run from last night which isnt even reflected yet in the huge bounce he is getting.

    once we find out palin was pulling strings in government, illegally, to get an ex boyfriend fired we will expose her for the unbalanced pms case she is.

  7. Bob Aman Says:

    Mary – I hope you are a fake post.

  8. Matt Says:

    Let’s pretend for a moment that Mary is a real person.

    Mary is clearly the stupidest person on planet Earth.

    Leave it to the GOP to try to woo women voters with a beauty pageant.

  9. kimbo Says:

    this is typical gop tactics. they always appoint a minority because they love personal affirmative action for republiucans. unlike the gop, barack WON this nomination fair and square by winning the most votes. that will never happen in the gop and that is why women will never vote for palin the right wing nutjob.

  10. bush Says:

    mary is definitely a right wing man who listens to too much limbaugh. no hillary supporter will vote for an anti choice, anti american creationist like mr. palin

  11. nojo Says:

    Hey, mw! The Cynics miss you! Drop by sometime.

  12. hmpierson Says:

    RE: mary and all those other “women”

    Too bad Lee Atwater didn’t live to see the impact of the internet. It would have made his (smear) work so much easier.

    I have some concern that there are too many stupid people with the right to vote, like that former Hillary supporter who did the ad for McCain, and thought McCain was pro choice.

    Best hope for OBama is debating McCain. If Obama is as tough on McCain as he was Thursday night, McCain will go ballistic guaranteed, and America will get a chance to consider whether he is summon who can be trusted to have his finger on the button.

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