Gallup: McCain Up By 3

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McCain enjoys a 5 point swing today from yesterday when Obama led by 2.

Gallup shares more…

McCain’s 48% share of the vote ties for his largest since Gallup tracking began in early March. He registered the same level of support in early May. This is also McCain’s largest advantage over Obama since early May, when he led by as much as six percentage points.

Obama has led McCain for most of the campaign, and for nearly all of the time since clinching the Democratic nomination in early June.

If McCain can stay at this mark for more than just a few days, I think it can safely be said that Palin is making enough of an impact in the short term to potentially have a long term effect. But if the duo can’t get to the same level that Obama/Biden has enjoyed for nine days, McCain will have to do much more than just picking a wild card VP if he has any shot at winning this thing.

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4 Responses to “Gallup: McCain Up By 3”

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  3. Avinash_Tyagi Says:

    It depends on how long this bump lasts, if in a week or so, Obama s back to leading the polls on nearly a daily basis as he was before, then it probably means that Obama will win this election, however if McCain can retain this lead then Obama may be in a bit of trouble

  4. mw Says:

    By the end of the week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us back to essentially a tie (anything within the margin error – Obama up one or two/McCain up one or two – its all the same) like we were immediately before both vp picks and both conventions. Both parties were strong in the conventions, so its a net wash, and after the halo effect wears off we are back to zero.

    Looks the debates will be the next opportunity for a game changer. Gotta say that is “Advantage Dems” although Obama has been surprisingly weak in past performances.

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