A sneak peek at Jay Inslee: potential Energy Secretary for Obama

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Hey, this is Danielle Ivory from the American News Project, with our first report on the Obama transition.

Here’s a first look at Jay Inslee, who appears on the shortlists for Prez-Elect Obama’s Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Energy..

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2 Responses to “A sneak peek at Jay Inslee: potential Energy Secretary for Obama”

  1. amorris19 Says:

    President-elect Obama believes in the non-traditional approach to achieve the “change we need”. So rather than Gore, Schwarzenegger or the other Gov’s, here’s an unlikely, but very appropriate non-traditional approach for Energy Secretary under President Obama: Andrew Liveris, current CEO of the Dow Chemical Company. He’s been out preaching abut the need for a truly comprehensive energy policy in the U.S. for a long while now, most recently at the coveted podium of the Detroit Economic Club. Every time he speaks, he’s told he should be running for public office. Given his company is hugely connected to the energy sector and he is vastly knowledgeable of all things energy on a global basis, this non-traditional choice makes a lot of sense.

  2. Oregon Mike Says:

    Thanks for posting this. And Jay Inslee nails it: we spend 84 billion on R&D to prepare for a potential war involving the Middle East, and only 3 billion on alternative energy R&D that could enable us to have no economic stake in that region at all. I only hope that the political will pushes through to produce an Energy Independence works project similar to the effort in the 30′s to build dams and produce energy and jobs and in the 50′s to build roads and create jobs. This is THE investment to make – I pray it happens.

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